The synthesizer, driving percussion, baritone male and strong female vocals will pull anyone back into warm, excellent nostalgia for the ’80s.”

Palm Ghosts

About Palm Ghosts 

Palm Ghosts is a band based in Nashville led by songwriter / producer Joseph Lekkas. 

Having spent the early aughts playing in Philadelphia bands such as Grammar Debate! and Hilliard, Joseph took a long hiatus from writing and performing music to book shows and festivals in Philadelphia. 

Palm Ghosts began in early 2013 as a creative outlet for dealing with a severe bout of depression and anxiety that left him incapacitated. Discovering that music was his only path through the mire, Joseph spent a particularly long Philadelphia winter recording a batch of introspective songs that was to become the first Palm Ghosts record, a tapestry of lo-fi indie folk and dreamy pop he christened Sun-damaged American music. 

After a short tour in 2013 supporting the release of the first record, Joseph packed up his belongings and headed south to Nashville to take part in the southern city’s musical renaissance. 

Joseph set up a small home studio in the guest bedroom of a rental house on Greenland Ave in East Nashville. Two years later, in February of 2017, he released Greenland, Palm Ghosts’ second record, consisting of 15 songs that walk the line of electronic, folk and indie music, a collection clearly influenced by the song-is-king culture of his newly adopted city. 

In May of 2017, Joseph began work on his next project, a cinematic dream pop / dark indie LP celebrating his favorite sounds from the most colorful of musical decades, the 1980s. Influenced by groups such as Cocteau Twins, Peter Gabriel, Dead Can Dance, New Order and The Cure, he began sketching song ideas to create the lush, cinematic arrangements he was hearing in his head. The fruit of his labors, Architecture, is now complete! 

Also, for the first time since 2014, Palm Ghosts is performing live, featuring Joseph Lekkas, Erica Whitney Wilkes, Ben Douglas, Jason Springman and Rene Lambert.



“Musical perfection” – IMPOSE MAGAZINE


“Elegant and Sweeping Pop” – 88.5 WXPN’s The Key


“What a sound!  This is what dream pop at its best should sound like.” – AUDIOFUZZ


“The thrumming synthesizer, driving percussion, baritone male vocals, and strong female vocals will pull anyone back into warm, excellent nostalgia for the ’80s. The jubilant chorus melody is just great.” -INDEPENDENT CLAUSES


“The commodified and codified 80s © are here to stay, from the fake consciousness pop culture nostalgia that dominates the virtual shopping aisles to recreated and reimagined movie memories that manipulate and skew the present. Saddled with the past, culture’s inertia offers up facsimile pap and zerox rock. However, hope exists, listen as true light continues to glisten, appearing through the cracks and haunting the NOW are Nashville’s Palm Ghosts.” – MUSIC NEWS UK


“This is the perfect winter track. The cold but bright sound harkens a brisk winter morning while the melancholy vocals refresh the soul like the perfectly placed holiday. The five piece indie-alt act from Nashville will remind many of The National, while mixing in a more ‘80’s based aesthetic on their latest single. The result is something special and one hell of a love song. As they prep a full album, which this will be a part of, we hold our collective breath for more tunes like this.” – EAR TO THE GROUND 


“Palm Ghosts offers a balanced blend of cinematic dream pop with dark indie, celebrating sounds from the most colorful of musical decades, the 1980s. The press material notes that Palm Ghosts sound like “Brendan Perry of Dead Can Dance guest appearance with Alvvays”. I’d say that is a pretty accurate description, but would further draw parallels with French bands Phoenix and M83 – Palm Ghosts brings that same feel-good pop factor without any kitsch or repetitiveness that blur the lines between so many indie bands.” -LOUDER THAN WAR


“This track is deep. Deep in it’s almost 80’s synth heart and swimming in emotions. I love the aesthetic here, love the boy/ girl vox.” – AMERICAN PANCAKE 


“A blend of gorgeously cinematic, dream pop meeting a more structured indie ethic of the sort that cool and imaginative left field musicians have been making from Cocteau twins to Alvvays and at every point in between. Throw in some wonderful vocal textures and an occasional wander into darker pop territory and you have an intriguing and beguiling proposition. The Crown and The Confidant in particular runs along the same mercurial commerciality that saw the likes of The Cure move from alternative, arty upstarts to arena favourites, The Hound takes more brooding ambient routes and Rhythm To Rage matches dance floor finesse with indie otherness. 

A fantastic slice of all things that sit on the border of cultish and commercial, cool enough to appeal to the discerning tastes of the underground and hot enough to sell to the masses. Not only does that blend not come together very often, who’d have thought that you’d find it in the alt-country confines of East Nashville.” -DANCING ABOUT ARCHITECTURE


”A gorgeously meandering slice of dream-pop. The whole track is held together by the constant pulse of a distant reverberating piano, as skittering drums, gently unfurling guitars and warm analog synths come together to create a loose drifting whole. Heavy Eyes is a masterpiece” - FOR THE RABBITS


“Palm Ghosts offers a stirring mix of folk writing with electronica-tinged production. Electronically magnetic and emotionally heartfelt, “Insomnia” captures the cold fragility of humanity, of two souls going their separate ways in the night.” – ATWOOD MAGAZINE


"The laid back indie-goth tone shines outside the norm." - HIGHLIGHT MAGAZINE




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Palm Ghosts

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Palm Ghosts

The East Room, Nashville TN

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Palm Ghosts

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